Late Night Reference

Ah, end of semester. Hard to believe it’s almost here. Warmer weather, approaching summer and… exams on the horizon. The work will be piling up soon. Exams to study for, projects and papers that need research and cited sources, the late nights. What’s an overwhelmed student to do when the library’s closed?

Thank goodness for Late Night Reference! After the Reference Desk is vacant and the library is closed for the night, you will still be able to get reference help online May 1-8, the week before finals when most students will be studying and writing up papers and projects.

Librarians will available online after normal hours to help students with projects, research, and general library questions. “Last semester we noticed that students didn’t want to leave the library. They were stressed out, and there was nobody around to help them,” says Sherry Bossov, one of the Reference

Librarians at FSC. “While we couldn’t keep the library open any later the librarians could still help them out from home.”

Last semester was the first time the library has offered such a service. “Last year was a success,” says Bossov. They were typically online until midnight, answer e-mails and responding to people on Meebo, which is similar to Instant Messenger. “We were actually in our pjs,” says Bossov.

Getting help couldn’t be easier. They can be reached through the library’s e-mail address: or through Meebo. “Meebo is very easy to get onto!” says Bossov. There is a chat box located on the library’s site on the “Ask a Librarian” page, located under Research Help. “As soon as you come to this page you are connected to a librarian,” says Bossov. “Just type. And Meebo is available all the time,” she adds. During library hours, there is usually a reference librarian logged in to take your questions. “It’s just more valuable during the Late Night hours if you don’t have anything else.”
With last semster’s success and a similar structure this time, Late Night is looking good for it’s second run. “We had quite a few questions last semester, but we’d like to see more.”


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