Print from your laptop!

Did you know that you can print from your laptop in the library?

You just need to download the Pharos Mobile Printing software from the FSC website. Detailed instructions for both Mac and PC operating systems are available.

Don’t want to carry your laptop around but still need to print? Use the public computers on the first floor, or the Hammond Lab on the third floor. Both Mac and PC operating systems are installed on the computers in the Hammond Lab, which is open for use all hours the library is open (unless a class is scheduled in the lab).

Printing to students is free, but please be aware of waste (toner and paper) when you print your jobs. Powerpoint presentations can be scaled down to 6 slides a page instead of one-per-page, and you can use the “Print Preview” tool in Word to see whether you are printing what you really need before you send it. (Don’t know how to use these tools? See a librarian!)

Every piece of paper you don’t waste helps to save energy and keep our campus green!


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