Have a question? Meebo us!

Finding information is easy. Finding authoritative, reliable, relevant information is very difficult. Having trouble sorting through the millions of Google hits you got on your search? Not sure which library database to use? Don’t know how to cite a source?

Meebo us! We’ve installed a Meebo chat box on every library page. There’s also one right here on the library blog. You don’t need to install any software, sign up for any accounts, or log in. Just click in the Meebo box and type. A librarian is available for reference IM chat all hours that the reference desk is staffed (M-Th 8am-8:30pm; F 8am-5pm; Sat 1-5pm; Sun 1-9pm).

Of course, feel free to call us (978.665.3223), email us, or stop by the reference desk any time. FSC librarians are here as a resource for you!


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