It’s easy to be green on campus!

Lately there’s been a lot of emphasis on being green and saving the environment. The climate is in crisis and global temperatures are rising. With such a large and far reaching problem it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and not know how to do your part. Here are some things that you can do on campus to stay green:

  • Think before you print! At the Library students frequently print entire 50 page articles when they only need one page. Or print 50 slides on individual pages. Not sure how print multiple slides? Ask a Librarian for help! The students printing on the first floor of the Library use over 10 toner cartridges and 560 reams of paper each semester.
  • Recycle! Don’t throw that paper in the trash! Toss it in one of the blue bins you see at the library, in the dorms and across campus.
  • Use a re-useable bottle for carrying water. Americans consume 30 billion single serving bottles of water each year. That’s a lot of space in our landfills! The Campus Bookstore sells reusable bottles.
  • Walk, bicycle, carpool or take the bus to campus. Most of the commuters to campus are solo drivers. Save gas money and make the commute more fun by carpooling! FSC has an eRideShare program that makes it easy to find someone to share your commute with.
  • Save electricity. Turn off lights in your dorm room when you are out, unplug electronics when you aren’t using them and don’t leave your computer on 24/7.
  • Turn down the heat. Winter is coming and it’s going to be cold. If you are wearing shorts and flip-flops in December then the thermostat in your dorm room and apartment is too high. Lowering the temperature by just two degrees can save up to 4% on your energy bill.
  • If you must smoke don’t crush your cigarrette butts on the ground. Dispose of them in the proper receptacles. Or better yet, join the Great American Smoke-Out and quit smoking!
  • Don’t waste water. Report faucet drips, don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth and take shorter showers.
  • Reduce the number of catalogs you receive. Register with CatalogChoice and they’ll contact the companies for you and remove your name from the catalog’s mailing list.

Need other ideas? Ask for more at the Reference Desk!


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