10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day @ The Library

Today, April 22, is Earth Day.  Here are some suggestions on ways to be green @ the library:

1- Print Power Point with multiple slides per page instead of one slide per page – even with six slides per page it’s still very readable.  Don’t know how to do this?  Watch this video:

2- If you do print more than you need, put the sheets you don’t want in the recycle bin.  We take the best sheets of paper to make scrap pads.  You may have grabbed one of the pads last week when we gave them away to anyone who wanted them.

3- Look for printer friendly versions of webpages – there is usually a small “Print” or “Printer-Friendly” link on the page.  These versions remove ads and graphics resulting in fewer pages and less ink.

4- You can always only print a highlighted section of a webpage.  If you only need a paragraph or two, try this instead of printing the whole page.

5- When you search our databases you can often read a summary or abstract of an article.  Reading this allows you to make sure you really need the article before you print it.

6- Are you printing or photocopying multiple copies of something?  Print out 1 test copy before you make all the others.  This way you can make sure it looks right before you print all the other copies.

7- Consider using social bookmarking tools like Delicious or Digg to save webpages instead of printing them out.  Saved sites can be accessed from any computer.  RefWorks is another great way to collect a list of webpages and articles you want to use for your research.

8- Let a librarian know if your pages didn’t come out of the printer.  The printer may simply need paper, or to have a jam cleared.  Simply sending your job again may not solve the problem.

9- Ask your professor if you can send your papers and assignments via email or Blackboard.   Many professors will allow you to do this.

10- Remember to take your printed pages with you.   Lots of people print a large job and then walk out of the library without their printing.


One thought on “10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day @ The Library

  1. Hi- Nice, helpful list of practical things to do to save paper!
    Is it possible to suggest also to use Fast Draft under Preferences??


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