How to print at the library

We get a lot of questions the first week on how to print. It’s really pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

1. Click “Print” in whatever application you are using.

2. Choose “Library Printspool 1 on UNIPRINT” or “Library Printspool 2 on UNIPRINT” (You may need to scroll to see these options.)

3. A dialogue box should pop open asking you to enter your Falcon Key and Password.

4. Go to the print-queue computers by the printers. Swipe your OneCard.

5. Find your job in the queue and click on it.

6. Click “Print” and enter your password again. Viola!

You can also print wirelessly in the library. Go to the Mobile Printing page on the IT site to download the correct driver for your computer.

Remember to print wisely! Print only what you need, use print preview, print six powerpoint slides to a page – you help keep our campus green!


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