New database trial – CQ Researcher Plus Archive

In 2005, CQ Press began digitizing CQ Researcher’s archive of Editorial Research Reports in order to offer the entire Researcher collection online. The CQ Researcher Plus Archive adds more than 3,000 reports, published between 1923 and 1990 to CQ Researcher Online. Like CQ Researcher today, each report in the Archive addresses the significance and legacy of the events and issues of its day. And so, Archive content adds a new historical dimension to the CQ Researcher site, extending its coverage beyond politics and current events to the fields of history, sociology, cultural studies, and other social sciences.

To ensure that users get the full benefit of the content contained in the Archive, the CQ Researcher site created Issue Tracker, a new browsing tool that lets users trace topics through years and across decades. Issue Tracker allows researchers to quickly gather their research on the historical development of hot topics and events that have shaped the world and explore how issues and institutions have evolved over time. Since the Archive draws on content that taps far back into other time periods, many older reports reflect the language of the day in which they were written.

CQ Researcher Plus Archive a great resource for research on key events that have shaped history and today’s current events.

The library’s trial lasts through May 20. Access the CQ Researcher Plus Archive trial HERE (login: fsc, password: cqel)

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