Why not Wikipedia? (part three)

Librarians have a bit of a, well, thing about checking sources to make sure what we’re seeing is fact. Which is our main gripe with Wikipedia – as an open content source, anyone can edit it. While this sometimes results in a positive collaboration which enriches the information being presented, it also means that anyone with a computer can try to skew the picture.

For instance, this weekend, shortly after Sarah Palin’s public gaffe recounting her knowledge (or lack thereof) of Paul Revere’s famous ride, her supporters were busy at work trying to edit Wikipedia’s page on Paul Revere to match what she said. After an editing war, Wikipedia finally had to lock the page.

Wikipedia can be a good place to start if you need a jumping off point into other information, but the articles themselves? Caveat emptor.


One thought on “Why not Wikipedia? (part three)

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