Congrats to our Rock the Block winners!

Congratulations to our Rock the Block winners! Each of these students told us a way the library has “saved” them and were drawn as winners of a 4GB flash drive!

  • Audrey Piper
  • Krysten Feeney
  • Michelle Steele

Stop by the circulation desk in the library to pick up your prize!

Lots of you entered our drawing, with some great stories of how the library has helped you “Search” or come to your “Rescue”:

I’ve been tremendously helped with finding resources. I was unable to do my research and was panicked and the library saved me!

A librarian helped me find a book I desperately needed for class.

Was having trouble with my computer and was helped in seconds.

Helped me with more papers than I can count! 🙂

I had 2 weeks to write a paper and spent most of that time researching with no luck and a librarian helped me find the information with just one visit.

Need help? Remember to just Ask a Librarian!


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