October is National Information Literacy Awareness Month!

To prosper in the Digital Age, people must become masters of information. ~ C. Stern

Information literacy is the ability to find, access, evaluate and use information ethically – a set of skills that is critical in every discipline and every profession. Though we teach information literacy at the library as it relates to research skills and academics, the ability to find and use information (especially as the amount of information increases exponentially) can mean the difference in issues like health, finances and job seeking.

In recognition of the importance of information literacy, President Obama in 2009 declared October National Information Literacy Awareness Month. As the National Forum on Information Literacy (NFIL) states, “Our rapid transformation into a technology driven, information society has dramatically altered the k-16 teaching and learning landscape.  And, as a result, the sustainability of our current economic foundation, strengthening our national security, even maintaining the very essence of our democratic way of life depends more and more on producing learners who not only know how to think, but know how to problem solve within a diversified information and communication technology universe.”

Find out more about information literacy – Ask A Librarian!


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