Gold Medal Information about the Winter Olympics


Photo from BBC Sport Online, February 7, 2014.

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony was held on Friday, February 7, and as of this morning the Netherlands leads the medal count with seven total medals, social media has been aflutter with journalist, athlete, and tourist impressions of Sochi, and the United States has taken two golds in snowboarding.

The games have evolved significantly since the modern games began in Athens in 1896. For nearly 30 years, only summer games were held, until 1924 when the first winter games were held in Chamonix, France, which were originally known as “Winter Sport Week.” Events included familiar sports such as bobsledding and ski jumping, and many skiers and hockey players marching in the opening ceremony carried their equipment with them to meet the rules mandating athletes march in sportswear (which included their equipment). More recent Olympics have included snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and this year is the first year team ice skating medals have been awarded.

The official site for the Sochi games allows users to navigate by country, event, schedule, or athlete, and includes a master schedule so viewers can tell when all events will be televised: also has a wealth of information, not just about the Sochi games, but the history of the modern Olympics and the International Olympic Committee, the governing body of the games.

The library also has a wide range of books on the Olympics, from the historic 1936 games in Hitler’s Berlin, to the games’ ancient connections to Greek athletic contests.


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