Where did the library go?

If you are on campus, you may notice that the first floor of the library has been cleared of furniture and nobody is there.   Have no fear!  We are temporarily located on the third floor during the duration of the first stage of construction.

Here are some instructions on how to find us.  If you come in the doorway into Hammond from campus, turn right to take the Elevator.   (If you are coming from the street level, you can just use the elevator from there, next to the coffee counter).

Elevator entrance from first floor

Elevator entrance from 1st floor

Click on the button for the third floor:

Choose the third floor

Choose the 3rd floor

After leaving the elevator, go directly across the hallway to door right in front of you:

temporary library entrance

Temporary library entrance

Walk down the hallway past tutoring and disability services, and you will see the new temporary circulation desk on the left:

hallway into the temporary library

Hallway into the temporary library

As you round the corner, you will see the reference desk ahead of you, and the magazines and Nook books on your right.

Image reference desk

Circulation and Reference Desks

Here’s another view of the reference desk and the library classroom.  This room is where most of the computer stations will be.   There will still be a printer/copier/scanner in this room and one by the reference desk.  NoteThere will be a temporary shortage of computer stations during the construction period, so we strongly recommend bringing your laptop.    If  you need help printing from your laptop, here are some helpful instructions.  You can also always ask a librarian, and we will happily assist you.

2014-05-22 09.53.01

Reference Desk and Library Classroom/Computer Lab

If you are looking for reference librarians, the offices are currently located in the old archive room, here:

Reference Offices

Reference Offices

Continue down the hall and you will find the print reference collection:

Reference Collection

Reference Collection

Around the corner you will find the periodicals office.  Note:  During the construction, the current five years of periodicals are being stored in the archive.    We can retrieve these for you between 9 and 5 on weekdays, or you can request them via ILLiad.   For older periodicals, they are temporarily being stored off campus.   They also can be requested via ILLiad.  And as always, if you need assistance, you can ask a librarian!

Periodicals Office

Periodicals Office

If you are looking for the Technical Services/Cataloging department, they are temporarily being housed in Percival.   They can be reached via telephone at 978-665-3310.

Please bear with us during construction.   We will still be here and will be happy to help you, while we transition to the new beautiful library.


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