Don’t even think of reading these books!

Image_bannedbooksDid you know there are books written that have corrupting, immoral, or subversive information?    Those who produce these books would willingly expose you to offensive and sexually explicit language!    Many of these have been deemed to be unsuited to any age group!     Many good citizens have worked to prevent you from ideas that might challenge your already-held worldviews.  They have carefully made lists of these titles so they can be removed from the shelves of libraries and from school curricula, so that nobody can read them (except of course those wise individuals who protect our safety).

The Library here at Fitchburg State University has, as a service to you, collected some of these titles and have made a display, so that you know never to read them.  These include such salacious titles, such as the Harry Potter series, Brave New World,  and The Chocolate War (written by Fitchburg Resident, Robert Cormier)!  It also includes other horrifying titles such as the Bible, and the Qur’an!

Come by and take a look.  You can also check them out.

Note:  if you are interested in learning more about Banned Books week, here are a few resources:


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