Carson Collection of Oral Histories


Professor Norman Carson

Professor Norman Carson (1931-) was an instructor of History at Fitchburg State College from 1964-1990.  In the early 1970s, he developed an oral history course that included student interviews of local residents regarding specific historical topics.   The course was offered from 1972-1976.  During that time, Prof. Carson and his students captured more than 180 oral history interviews, including the only recorded interviews with early alumni of the Fitchburg Normal School.  The recordings document the experiences of Fitchburg Normal School and Fitchburg State Teachers College alumni and faculty.  The collection also includes interviews with Fitchburg area residents on topics including immigration, war veterans’ experiences, living through the Depression Era, Black migration to the North, labor history and growing up in Fitchburg.

The entire collection has been converted to digital format, and all of the interviews are now available online as streaming audio files.  Click here to browse the collection and listen to some fascinating first-hand accounts of the history of our community.